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When you need legal assistance, don't rely on any other attorney. Thomas G. Harrison has the years of experience and attention to detail that your case requires and that you deserve.  Call us today to set up your initial consultation.

Get the most favorable disposition possible

You've been charged with a crime, but do you know your rights? Avoid a long lasting negative impact on your future with our attentive and knowledgeable legal guidance. Limit the damage to your future and your wallet with our diligent work.

Provide yourself with top quality legal service

• DUIs and DWIs

• Serious traffic accidents

• All felony and misdemeanor offenses

Criminal defense you can rely on

Check out our handy FAQs for questions you might have about family law, bankruptcy, and more.


For any further questions, call our offices for help at 410-420-7888 or email us at tgphclaw@gmail.com.

attorney showing evidence in court